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To ensure that your beloved cashmere is around for years to come, follow these easy to follow care instructions.

Cleaning instructions:

While you can always dry clean your cashmere, we highly recommend hand washing.  Properly hand washing cleans and revitalizes the fibers easily and naturally.

Start by filling a basin with cool water.  Add a small amount of a mild soap and swirl the water to distribute.  Submerge your cashmere and gently squeeze to soak the fabric.  Let it soak for a few minutes, then gently squeeze and swirl in the lightly soapy water.  Remove your cashmere and squeeze out the excess water. Refill the basin with clean, warm water.  Replace your cashmere and gently squeeze and swirl to rinse.  Repeat this step if necessary.  Once your item is rinsed, lay it on a clean towel and roll it up.  Press to remove the excess water.  Lay flat to dry.  Warm iron if necessary.


Be sure to clean your cashmere before storage.  Dirt and oils attract unwanted pests.  It is ideal to store cashmere in a cedar chest or cedar lined closet.  If this is not available, store in an air tight plastic container with a cedar block.